Monday, December 03, 2007

06th Dec 2:01 am

It so big sorrow since now no more available Jewel Song and Lose Your Mind. So since now I going to Listen To My Heart in loving with you. Take care and always going strong forever.

03rd Dec 7:43 pm

Thanks for the kmp.exe. It much more easier for downloading. But I leave it for a while, I hope it can send me into the most beautiful dream like last night with the most lovely Jewel Song. With my Woowww indeed, you go to find much successfull in the entertainment bussiness. You ought to have to, as an utmost pretty and having very talented young lady. I'll take a look for some BoA posters to fit my Internet Cafe to please my costumers. I'll take my pleasure to have staring at their node head and say, "Wooowwww." too. I am sure in oneday you may go show in Jakarta. If it arranged so, please let me and Gaby know to have some pics with you and the wonderfull BoA. All the best for you. Take care.

03rd Dec 12:19 pm (reply | report spam | delete)

Hey aa-eman! Thanks for dropping by and adding me. I added you back. Here is the link to dl the KM player: http: / / www. download. com/ The-KMPlayer/ 3000-2139_4-10659940 . html? tag=lst-0-1 Keep in touch~ JwJ http: / / yisei. com

02nd Dec 10:57 pm

Find me at

02nd Dec 10:54 pm

Hi Yisei, thanks for visit. The blog is fine except I still can't download the KMPlayer. But let me try more and more. I love the music Lost your mind - BoA. Sounds crystal clear. Take care.


soul krasty said...

lots of love from Malaysia(",)

emanrais said...

Wassalam, terimakasih soul_krasty (sayang tanpa profile) bersama segumpal cinta dari Indonesia. Jaga sehat kuat ceria buat sukses.