Friday, December 28, 2007

Dizzie Carion

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YM 28 Des 2007 13.05
Aa Eman: Halo Dizzie, what a pretty. Thanks for adding me
Dizzie Carion: yup
Dizzie Carion: its ma pleasure aa
Aa Eman: Thanks a lot baby. How r u today. I wish all the best. Please take a look An Ampuni Aku will welcome you right on
Dizzie Carion: REALLY??
Dizzie Carion: THATS NICE
Dizzie Carion: THANKS A LOT ABAH
Dizzie Carion: love to be your friend
Dizzie Carion: can you see ma cam right?
Aa Eman: I am waiting for your permission on webcam please
Dizzie Carion: k
Aa Eman: A bit darkie, why donot you lit the lamp arround?
Dizzie Carion: you has started viewing ma cam now
Aa Eman: Would you please look at the lens
Dizzie Carion: maybe it all causes by the sun
Aa Eman: Too much lite on you?
Dizzie Carion: yup
Dizzie Carion: causes by the sun

Aa Eman: Plese take a look again into the lens. I'll pick you up
Dizzie Carion: is that ok?
Aa Eman: Thanks baby. But you have to enlow a bit the lens
Dizzie Carion: need a replay?
Aa Eman: No baby, it's okay. Except need more light on
Aa Eman: U r so pretty, indeed.
Dizzie Carion: ok
Aa Eman: You live in Jakarta, right?
Dizzie Carion: thanks
Dizzie Carion: yuo
Dizzie Carion: yup
Aa Eman: Me too, in Kebon Kacang close to Seibu.
Aa Eman: I wish someday you (Gotcha!) see me with my warnet RaisonE. I do hope so.
Aa Eman: Hehe, excume me. But u look a bit shy
Dizzie Carion: pardon me.......
Dizzie Carion: no,im not
Aa Eman: Will u pse send me a great smile in lens
Dizzie Carion: is that right?
Aa Eman: That great, thanks
Aa Eman: I love seeing ur teeth too
Dizzie Carion: aha
Dizzie Carion: (curious)
Dizzie Carion: (Bigteeh smle)
Aa Eman: That okay too with ur emoticon
Aa Eman: I love ur playing electric guitar. Ia have my son play guitar too
Dizzie Carion: aha
Dizzie Carion: thats good
Dizzie Carion: great
Dizzie Carion: i do realy love to play guitar
Dizzie Carion: and write a song
Dizzie Carion:
Dizzie Carion:
Aa Eman: Yeah, your great one indeed
Aa Eman: I love your music arrangement too. Crystalclear like a diamond
Dizzie Carion: ooooooooo
Dizzie Carion: you make me wanna fly
Aa Eman: You wll look your image soon at , as I saw you by cam

Dizzie Carion: you're not kidding ha?
Aa Eman: Hehe, so u fly on, then make a happy landing on me
Dizzie Carion: ok
Dizzie Carion: take a good posing then
Dizzie Carion: hahahahahahaha
Aa Eman: No, not kidding. Just show u what I saw with your webcam
Aa Eman: If you donot like so, I will delete again
Aa Eman: Where you live in Jakarta?
Aa Eman: I wish to make a special blog for Gotcha!, so you'll have 2 beside
Aa Eman: Is that will be okay?
Dizzie Carion: nononono.. thats noprob, but i think ihave to take abath first.. hehehehehe
Dizzie Carion: thats great
Dizzie Carion: its so please to you abah
Dizzie Carion: im in donna's now
Dizzie Carion: you can also chay with donna
Aa Eman: It will be my sight all about Gotcha!
Dizzie Carion: chat i mean
Aa Eman: Okay Dizzie, I going having chatt with Donna later
Aa Eman: Thanks a lot for this nice chatting
Aa Eman: I will put this chatting on Like Donna's too. It 's that okay for u?
Aa Eman: Okay, have nicesest days during 2008 on and so.
Aa Eman: I wish you a very warm and happy New Year 2008
Dizzie Carion has signed out. (12/28/2007 2:07 PM)


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