Monday, November 19, 2007

20th Nov 6:47 pm

We shall so, why not after we make allthings undercontrolled. Happy new year with new ideas. You take care too and always have funn.

20th Nov 5:19 pm (reply | report spam | delete)

ah...ic..haha, well then, shall see you next year. a fresh new start! take care :)

20th Nov 2:22 am

Hai Funn20, you said so "this mansion will undergo renovation for two weeks, there will be no update of posts until the 4th of December." Right? Aftar 4th Dec we had that busy to close everyting per annum. That why I go estimacy the next year we can say hello each other. Keep Funn.

19th Nov 5:00 pm (reply | report spam | delete)

hai, nice meeting you...why next year?

19th Nov 4:43 am

Hi Funn20, thanks for vistit and welcome onboard mybloglog and happy sailing with the unique blog in an usual content. Okay, see you on next Jan 2008 for some another else write. Take care.

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