Saturday, October 20, 2007

02nd Nov 11:44 pm

Hi Edo, I am fine too. Thanks as well.

Ed P
02nd Nov 7:50 am (reply | report spam | delete)

doing well. how are you doing?

19th Oct 4:54 pm

Thanks Edo, I had agree. A-70 may an oldone but still nice to make a pic. Have a nice day.

Ed P
19th Oct 2:01 pm (reply | report spam | delete)

Thanks for stopping by! I would have to say, and I bet you'd agree, when I say that Canon makes a good camera. I enjoy your site as well. Keep the pix coming!

19th Oct 4:27 am

Hi Edo, thanks for stopping by. You have a nice blog, I'd like you told about Canon, since I posess the old one A-70. Have a nice day.

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