Tuesday, October 23, 2007


29th Oct 11:04 pm

I have read the Mindanao Blogger Summit and try to fill the guestbook but failed by the geeklubber. So I write them on here. [[Congratulation to Mindanao Blogger Summit. Nice and warm aktivities for meeting any characters and bussinesses. You're so fine photographer too. The shoots are impressive. Thanks for an Aice sweetwarm smile. Send my best regards to all the Mindanaoan Bloggers.]]

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27th Oct 6:56 pm

Magandang omaga. Thanks Aice, I will do soon.

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25th Oct 8:03 pm

Salamat Aice, I will take a look soon. What are you doing in Philiphina? I live in Jakarta.

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23rd Oct 4:04 am

Thanks Aice. You have a beautiful blog indeed. See your huge pic at http://emanrais.blogspot.com/

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