Wednesday, September 05, 2007

05th Nov 8:44 am

Thanks for your sweet compliment. Next time you will impress much more yourself, if could come to Jakarta. Please find me right from Grand Hyatt Hotel onto westward after flood control of Cideng canal.

05th Nov 6:33 am (reply | report spam | delete)

such a funny person... my boyfriend went to jakarta last may... and he was very impress of your culture = )

04th Nov 1:12 am

Please find the diamond eyelashes, proudly I put her somewhere in

04th Nov 1:09 am

Thanks for the updated finely indeed. Diamond Eyelashes? How could the eyelid not closed ever? Hehe, what a dumb question, right?

03rd Nov 11:10 am (reply | report spam | delete)

im fine thank you ^_^ if you have time kindly check my blog for updates... Thanks!

01st Nov 8:14 pm

Hi dear, how are you? Have a nice day.

04th Sep 3:10 pm

Thanks for such great information about diamond. Since we only knew the Cullinan and the Koh-I-Noor.

04th Sep 11:14 am (reply | report spam | delete)

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