Sunday, September 30, 2007

11th Nov 8:30 am

So you are too ibu Chec yang cantik. Salamat po.

11th Nov 2:01 am (reply | report spam | delete)

You're welcome aa eman! I hope you are having a great weekend

02nd Oct 9:41 am

No doubt you have to be an angel in my heart. Lovely thanks this much again for a lovely Cheh.

02nd Oct 9:16 am (reply | report spam | delete)

hello aa-eman.That's no problem! Glad you liked them:) Take care!

02nd Oct 8:51 am

Dear Cheh. Excuse me, for picking some lovely pics. Then I upload them in my blog such With your URL wrote as well. Please take alook. Thanks a lot indeed.

30th Sep 9:29 am

Thankyou for visit to myblog tebakmanggis. Tebak means guess, manggis mean mangosteen. Mean myway to profill someones by reading their face. My apologize, sicne it wrote in Indonesian language.

30th Sep 9:04 am

Thanks a lot Cheh. Have a nice week-end too

30th Sep 7:23 am (reply | report spam | delete)

Thanks! sure go ahead! have a nice week:)

30th Sep 6:37 am

Hi Chech, you must be an angel with the Balikbayan project. Hope you gonna successfull. May I put the main image in your photoblog? It's intriguing. Salamat po.


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