Saturday, September 22, 2007

The A to Z aa as Waliz would like to know...

Honestly I do try fullfill of what Waliz would like to know aa better.
Honestly mean factual no blooping no megaloman no narciscus, Just aa. Okay?

Amiiien. Aa always gave an outro in everything good in life for a happiness feeling.

Bold. Actually never bold at all. But a bit hairless, so aa may look much more sexier.

Costless. Aa is a simple person who can live at a minimum cost but ashtonishing.

Dumb. Sometimes aa may look like a dumb. In case staring at a sophisticated one.

Eagerness. Oldman but keeping to be still going strong like a youngster at any moment.

Faithfull. This kind of manner will make aa engaged with spontaneously people at their will.

Gaby. My only lovely cute girly grand daughter, as I excpetly for more than 3 years.

Hi. Come on baby please look at me, while aa waving to get your great smiles.

Intelegent. Like monkey,  that never stay still but always hanging around in my mind.

Jealousy. Aa always fell messy if stay around with an infantil jealousy manner. But enjoy.

Keelog? No way. Aa dislike a morning dish of rice crispies but a cup of friedrice with mutton.

Loving. Caring  sincere honest, that all aa need for any mutual relationship.

Money. Aa never care with money. But if i want some it have to be.

Neng Cici. Aa surely love this wonderfull girl who sudenly exist from nowhere.

Observatory. Yes indeed, as a lovely girl passing by under my sight at glance.

Pic. Hehe just a plain close-up pic please, to analize your nearby behaviour.

Qlue.  Aa keep for knowing such qlues to fullfill beyond anyones life to make a contact.

Rat. I hate any rodent! Since someday the one climb up throuh my longsleeve navy jean.

Simply. Sometimes aa fell so simple, altough sourrunded by nice smiles crowd.

Teethless. Hehe, likes Gaby's  aa have only 6 teeths at this time being.

Underage? Never mind to be my friend, but a character and an integrity manner.

Vow. Broken Vow of Lara Fabian that could make aa as a go to an sliced hearted.

Wow. Hehe, we welcome you into a dreaming country. Try me baby!

Xtraorninary. Never believe this. Sometimes people thinking if aa an extarordinary one.

Yesman. Aa never trust for a yesman manner.  It was not a character but flesh only.

Zoo. During my childhood I love hanging around zooyard, except I hate all piss odour.

How about all of those my dear lovely Waliz?


Waliz said...

i have mixed feelings when i read your A to Z character..smtimes feel funny, feel awsome, feel knowing and the most important is i feel that you are really a great man aa..i like the feel young part..i agree wth aa..even if we old (in age) but must always feel young at heart..thts will keep us going...thanks aa for letting me knowing you better..a man with a wisdom..

emanrais said...

Waliz feel aa like a great man? Why? But many thanks indeed. Aa apreciated at Waliz that much.