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Personality type of emanrais

emanrais has an
Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver (ENFP) personality
commonly referred to as "The Social Philosopher".

About Your Personality Type
ENFP General

You believe life is abundant, love is plentiful, and creativity is always within your grasp. If God combined the bouncing energy of a cocker spaniel with the enthusiasm of a couple on their honeymoon, God would still be only halfway to duplicating your insatiable zest for life.

ENFP when in love

“Puppy love” is a good term for describing your take on romance: fun, frisky, playful, cuddly, and young at heart. No matter what your age or how many times your heart has been broken, you are an eternal optimist when it comes to love. You are not someone who proceeds cautiously when you meet someone you find attractive. You are likely to fall passionately in love - or at least lust - quickly, spontaneously, and with total abandon. Holding something back for later is a concept you can’t quite grasp, especially when it comes to the joy of creating a new and exciting relationship. Yes, COMMITMENT can scare you. That one word may explain why you are still single at thirty, forty, fifty, or beyond. But you love, absolutely love, the concept of intimacy, sharing, and relationships. If only you could find that special one, you would be set for life.

ENFP where to meet

Where can you meet a Social Philosopher? Social Philosophers enjoy stimulating conversation and interesting people, and, like the Idealistic Philosopher and Mystic Writer, favor activities that revolve around psychology, philosophy, the arts, and helping others. Unlike Idealistic Philosophers and Mystic Writers, Social Philosophers seize every opportunity for social contact. They love the spotlight and are known to be excellent teachers and public speakers. Social Philosophers also routinely attend art gallery openings, wine tastings, fund-raisers, concerts, lectures, and plays. They may also be members of The Single Gourmet - a dining club for singles with sophisticated tastes.

Personality Comparison for emanrais
Find out how your personality type mingles with that of the others below.
How You Compare to Personality Types

Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger (ENFJ)
"The Growth Teacher"

The Joys: These two take great pleasure in helping others, and making a real difference in the world. Their compassionate, giving natures carry over into their personal relationship, as they bend over backwards to please, entertain, empathize, comfort, and pamper each other. Moreover, the spontaneous, seat of the pants Social Philosopher is grateful for the Growth Teacher's organizing ability, and the Growth Teacher is happy to release some of their stress as the Social Philosopher shows them how to relax and have some real fun.

The Frustrations: The organized, time-orientated Growth Teacher can end up getting gray hairs quickly over the Social Philosopher's last minute, plan-changing, spontaneous approach to schedules and organization. "Be on time, for once," pleads the Growth Teacher to the multitasking Social Philosopher. "Sorry, but time flies, and so do I," replies the unpredictably free-spirited and often zany Social Philosopher.

Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver (ENFP)
"The Social Philosopher"

The Joys: When these two bubbly individuals get together, the sky's the limit. No matter how many disappointments they've had in life and love, these two are capable of starting fresh and infusing each other with an almost limitless sense of fun, enthusiasm, possibility, and adventure. They especially love to mix things up with long personal conversations about meaningful ideas and topics, followed by silly, playful moments, capped off with a cornucopia of social fun: nightclubs, dinner dances, home parties, comedy clubs, Vegas, you name it. Social Philosophers are game for anything once, and maybe even twice.

The Frustrations: While they're out trying to save the world and party down at the same time, who's at home paying the bills and minding the store? Nobody. The Social Philosopher's infectious and hopeful imagination can sometimes blind them to the realities of life and create problems in the form of missed bills, lost keys, and forgotten appointments. Yet, their mutual strengths--their sociable personna, strong intuition, heightened sensitivity, and flexible sponanteity can help them weather any minor storms and get them back on track as one of the most explosively fun, giving, and creative pairs ever created.

Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judger (ENTJ)
"The General"

The Joys: When these two natural born leaders come together, a powerful alliance can be created. Sociable visionaries with the capacity to inspire people to follow them, these doers and achievers can easily uplift each other and inspire themselves (and others) to achieve their fullest potential. Theirs will not be a sedentary relationship watching videos and eating Thai take-out; their time will be spent building a empire that will change the world.

The Frustrations: Arguments and conflicts can easily fill the life of this couple. The emotional, easy-going Social Philosopher will recoil from the constant lash of the General's commanding nature, bitingly sarcastic wit, and frequent critiques. By the same token, the General will be exasperated by the Social Philosopher's weak sentimental, take-it personally style, and their inability to stick to a strict timeline and organizational plan. How can they get anything done if the Social Philosopher slacks off all the time, complains the by-the-book General.

Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver (ENTP)
"The Innovator"

The Joys: These two really love excitement and mental stimulation. Their mile-a-minute creative minds are easily able to excite each other with new projects, schemes, and empire-building strategies. Their sociable nature makes them excellent party buddies as they win over a legion of fans with their amazing wit, intelligence, charisma, and almost endless capacity for playfulness. These two rarely tire socially and are usually the life of any party they attend.

The Frustrations: There may be an issue of trust and depth in this combination. The caring Social Philosopher may not feel enough emotional commitment from the more impersonal and option-exploring Innovator. They often wonder where their fast-talking, glib, and persuasive Innovator is going--and who they're seeing--when they go off on their sometimes, unannounced social jaunts. From their view, Innovators get tired of their Social Philosopher's constant need for reassurance about the relationship and their partner's insistent demand for touchy-feely connection. "Don't worry so much. I'm here for you, if you don't smother me," says the Innovator.

Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judger (ESFJ)
"The Dutiful Host"

The Joys: This couple loves entertaining others and having a social blast as often as possible. Their lives together consist of frequent parties, picnics, nightclub and dance outings, special premieres, and the like. As emotionally open people, both enjoy tender expressions of affection: hugs, kisses, hand-holding, and plenty of "I love you's."

The Frustrations: The Dutiful Host is known to love intensely and may be seen as possessive and jealous. The Social Philosopher is known as an irrepressible flirt who loves attention from the opposite sex. This can spell trouble because the Dutiful Host will tend to be suspicious and may end up constantly questioning and keeping close tabs on the Social Philosopher to make sure they don't stray. In the meanwhile the Social Philosopher feels cornered and clobbered; resenting the intrusion and lamenting the lack of trust.

Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiver (ESFP)
"The Performer"

The Joys: This couple's life revolves around having an incredible time, with fun, loving, charismatic people--friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even the couple they just met in line at the theatre. "Why not?" this irrepressible couple is fond of saying. "It's all in a night's fun adventure." This couple shares an incredible enthusiasm for life, a desire for personal warmth and affection, and one of the zaniest, craziest, anything goes approach to life ever seen.

The Frustrations: Not everything is fun and social games, says the depth-seeking Social Philosopher: "We've also got to find the meaning in life and help inspire people to a higher level." "All well and good," replies the Performer, but could you please pass the Cristal?" Frustrated with what they perceive to be the Performer's more shallow, pleasure-seeking approach to life, the Social Philosopher may turn serious all of a sudden and put a damper on the night's festivities, leaving the peeved Performer shaking their head: "Why can't you put a lid on the philosophizing for now? Let's just enjoy the night and have fun, amigo. Life is too short."

Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judger (ESTJ)
"The Traditionalist"

The Joys: The Social Philosopher has a wild, impulsive streak, and sometimes likes to balance it out by being with someone who is more conventional, stable, and traditional--someone just like the Traditionalist. From their end, the Traditionalist is often drawn to the excitement, spontaneity, and anything goes creativity of the Social Philosopher. Both love a busy and active social life, filled with plenty of friends and social events.

The Frustrations: The Social Philosopher can be easily hurt by the Traditionalist''s sharp tongue, especially when they feel constantly criticized for not keeping things as neat and orderly as the Traditionalist would like. And the Traditionalist can quickly get fed up with the messy, often late, seemingly flaky Social Philosopher--someone who can barely decide which of their dozen shoes they want to wear today. When the straightforward Traditionalist criticizes the Social Philosopher, they're not trying to be mean--they're just trying to help the Social Philosopher improve their weak areas, but the Social Philosopher doesn't always see it that way.

Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiver (ESTP)
"The Wheeler-Dealer"

The Joys: The business-minded realism of the Wheeler-Dealer can be a great boon to the sometimes impractical and dreamy Social Philosopher (you mean I can really make a profit doing this?). And the Social Philosopher's social concerns and philosophical beliefs can persuade the Wheeler-Dealer to think about more than just the money and the deal--to factor in the personal satisfaction of helping others. As social dynamos, these two have the type of social energy that can energize almost any crowd they come into contact with.

The Frustrations: Trust can be a sensitive spot here. The Wheeler Dealer's incredibly persuasive ability and love of risk and adventure--not to mention their often irresistible seduction skills--may put Social Philosophers on "cheating alert" and make them hypersensitive to their Wheeler Dealer's social capers. This type of jealous ubercontrol just doesn't work for the Wheeler Dealer (who usually can be trusted to behave themselves if the love is there). The naturally sociable, fungoing Wheeler-Dealer needs a partner who gives them a long leash; with enough freedom and space to be themselves. "I'm not going to cheat on you; just trust me," says the Wheeler Dealer to the often skeptical Social Philosopher.

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger (INFJ)
"The Mystic Writer"

The Joys: In this combination, the quiet crusader (Mystic Writer) will find a nice complement in the sociable, communicative social activist (Social Philosopher). As feeling individuals, they bring a strong base of sensitivity, compassion, and love to their relationship. As imaginative individuals, they can develop or join a cause that will help humanity, and grow their love in the process. Even their differing energy styles can be a nice complement to each other: the Mystic Writer provides the introspective, take-your-time approach, while the Social Philosopher provides the high energy fuel to make important social contacts and implement their plans in the real world.

The Frustrations: Because the Mystic Writer is one of the most private of the LoveTypes, they can easily be overwhelmed by the people-inclined Social Philosopher. At the same time the Social Philosopher will be frustrated by the Mystic Writer's reluctance to go out and enjoy the intimacy and passion that can be experienced by interacting with others. Another potential problem area of discord: structure and organization. The neat, orderly Mystic Writer will quarrel with the Social Philosopher over their messy, inattentive ways, and the Social Philosopher will get tired of having to hear "mommy" or "daddy" telling them to pick up after themselves.

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver (INFP)
"The Idealistic Philosopher"

The Joys: This couple shares a love of fun and spontaneity, an insatiable curiosity and imagination, and the desire to help make the world a better place. In their leisure time, they love going to self-improvement seminars and reading books on self-help, the arts, science, and other esoteric subjects. Together, they are like two puppies skipping through life--playful, frisky, and young at heart, no matter what their ages.

The Frustrations: Their differences in social energy can cause problems. Idealistic Philosopher often like to stay home, relaxing with a good book or inspiring DVD. Social Philosophers, on the other hand, get a lot of their energy from others; they like to go out and meet people. Although they may have conflicts in their social life, they can usually work out their differences because both of them place a high value on building a successful and harmonious relationship.

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judger (INTJ)
"The Expert"

The Joys: As a natural critic and editor, the Expert is the perfect complement to the super creative Social Philosopher. The Social Philosopher appreciates the Expert's detailed feedback that can make any creative project a winner, and the Expert gets their kicks out of doing what they're best at: finding the flaws in something and improving it to its highest potential. For these two, life is a never-ending vessel of improvement and growth, as both partners work to help each other reach a higher level of excellence.

The Frustrations: Emotion, emotion, where art thou? cries the sentimental and romantic Social Philosopher after spending time with the logically minded Expert. The Social Philosopher usually wants more tenderness and emotional attention from the Expert, but the Expert wonders why the Social Philosopher needs so much emotional reassurance. "Didn't your mommy breast feed you enough?" may be one of the tack-sharp, witty retorts uttered by the Expert, the kind of remark the sensitive Social Philosopher doesn't quite appreciate.

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver (INTP)
"The Scholar"

The Joys: With these two, the buzzword is possibility. As creative, spontaneous thinkers, this couple enjoys going off on wild conversational tangents about new and paradigm-shifting innovations, inventions, and theories. They also enjoy a flexible, schedule-light life, in which they're free to explore their interests in their own self-created schedule (which can change at a moment's notice). Since neither is a neat freak (usually the opposite), they're not bothered by what other people consider a stinky mess; for them it's just creative residue--the byproduct (books, paper, instruments everywhere) of their creative imaginations at work.

The Frustrations: Socially, this pair can have some problems. The super friendly Social Philosopher can make friends anywhere, anytime, while the more private Scholar often wonders why their social whirlwind partner tries so hard to be sociable. "Just relax and read a book," say the Scholar. "Why do you need more friends? You've got plenty enough." The Social Philosopher kindly replies: "Enough? There's always one more human being to connect with. Let's love the world."

Introverted Sensing Feeling Judger (ISFJ)
"The Caretaker"

The Joys: The outgoing Social Philosopher loves to come home to their nurturing, stay at home Caretaker and their neat and orderly home (courtesy of the hardworking Caretaker). At the same time, the Caretaker is proud of their high achieving Social Philosopher and enjoys making them feel at home. The quieter Caretaker also appreciates how their extraverted Social Philosopher takes care of all the socializing--making all the introductions--which allows them to sit back and let people come to them.

The Frustrations: There can be a communication disconnect here; the loquacious Social Philosopher enjoys talking about their higher ideas and visions for improving the world, but the practical CareTaker is not nearly as passionate about things they can't see or touch. Caretakers would usually much rather talk about the next vacation they're going to take, what's on TV, or a new way to improve their family and home life. When these two get together, it's like watching a strange reality show: Social Philosophers are from Mars, CareTakers are from Earth.

Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiver (ISFP)
"The Gentle Artist"

The Joys: This couple connects through their sensitivity and deep feeling for life and all living things. Their tender caresses, poetic words, and deep expressions of affection can fill their hearts and souls and raise their relationship to sky-high levels. And their dislike of conflict and desire for peace, harmony, and flexibility can ensure a smooth and harmonious relationship, devoid of the kind of fights and arguments that afflict other couples.

The Frustrations: It's another Saturday night, and it's time to party, cheers the outgoing Social Philosopher, while the more reclusive Gentle Artist may reply: "It's another Saturday night, and it's time to listen to good music, relax, and enjoy a soothing shiatsu massage at our favorite spa." Another problem: The naturally communicative Social Philosopher hates it when the quiet-loving Gentle artist retreats into their shell and doesn't feel like talking. The Social Philosopher may not always understand that the Gentle Artist needs time to unwind and get in the right emotional mood before they can feel comfortable with the type of intense, go for it conversations the Social Philosopher loves.

Introverted Sensing Thinking Judger (ISTJ)
"The Administrator"

The Joys: The often disorganized Social Philosopher needs, and appreciates, the practical Administrator's help in keeping their life in order--bills paid, taxes filed on time, reminder notes everywhere in the house. From their end, the Administrator is inspired by their humanitarian Social Philosopher; an insightful partner who can offer them a new and unexpected view of life. Overall, the Social Philosopher loves the Administrator's loyalty and steadiness, and the Administrator gets a kick out of the Social Philosopher's imagination and mischievous sense of fun.

The Frustrations: This exact opposite combination can have a lot of trouble since they are so different. Because the Social Philosopher is such a spontaneous social dynamo, the cautious and conservative Administrator may be skeptical: "Are they really being faithful and true to our relationship, or are they being flaky and irresponsible?" At the same time, the meaning-seeking Social Philosopher is asking: "Can I be with someone who doesn't really understand me and share my vision?"

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiver (ISTP)
"The Craftsperson"

The Joys: Spontaneity and action characterize this couple. They both pretty much enjoy getting up and taking off spontaneously for parts unknown to do God knows what. Adventurous, dare devilish at times, and up for almost anything, this couple thrives on exploring the unknown and embarking on wild new adventures. Not ones to worry about social conventions and polite society, they can go places and do things that few people may dare or even think about daring.

The Frustrations: Life purpose is a big issue for this partnership. To the meaning-seeking Social Philosopher it has to do with finding and fulfilling a higher vision for their lives; a dream, project, or mission that is greater than themselves (a spiritual center for teenagers, a company that teaches illiterate people how to read), while the Craftsperson's' life purpose is expressing themselves through their hands-on activities, hobbies, and real-world interests. Because of their differences in life views, both partners could end up spending lonely nights pursuing their own activities and dreams without having an equal partner who can really understand and share their pursuits.

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